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We are a group of enthusiastic professionals with financial and IT background. We have a long history in the IT field including different business projects for the companies ranging from startup to state monopoly. We began operations with the provision of IT outstaffing services but now our main focus is IT outsourcing and we are ready to provide a full range of development services.

We are committed to hiring, training and retaining best talents worldwide. Our hiring practices have been developed in the process of long experience in the selection of specialists for a variety of business tasks. We are guided by the need to establish and maintain the best technical teams in a highly competitive environment where skilled people are imperative.

Driven by the supersonic speed of the digital technologies evolution, we think globally and act locally. We’re not doing magic but we’re getting close.

Durnetsov Anton Position: Founder
Experience: over 10 years
Skills: ITIL, Enterprise management, Software development, IT recruitment
Shchukin Alexander Position: CEO
Experience: over 9 years
Skills: MBA, Nanotechnology startups, Business process reengineering, Software development, Kaizen, Agile, Project management
Tipsmark Svetlana Position: Cybersecurity Engineer
Experience: over 8 years
Skills: Cybersecurity, Penetration testing, Network vulnerability assessments, Network defense, CEH, CISSP, MCP, CompTIA certifications
Zimin Eugene Position: web developer
Experience: over 16 years
Skills: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3/LESS, Flash, Graphic design & animations
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